For Daytime Use

Wash face, rinse and pat dry.  Apply 1-2 drops of  60 HERBS AMAZING OIL to your face using gentle upwards strokes.  Wait a few minutes before applying makeup. May also be applied on chapped lips.

For Night Repair

After washing, apply 2-3 drops of 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  all over the face, including the neck area.  Use in place of your night cream.


For Daytime Use

Shampoo hair. Rinse and pat hair dry.  Apply a few drops of  60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  to the hair strands to smoothen frizz and fly-away then style as usual.

Or mix few drops of 60 Herbs Elixir Oil to your favorite shampoo and lather on the hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL    to hair before blow-drying to protect hair from damage caused by heat styling, to make hair shinier and more manageable.

For Deep Conditioning Treatment

For more intensive conditoning, apply 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  on the scalp and hair strands.  Place a shower cap on your head and leave the oil on your hair for 30 minutes or even overnight before rinsing thoroughly.  This may be done nightly to improve hair texture and to deep condition very damaged or chemically processed hair.

To stimulate hair growth, apply directly on the scalp.  Do not rinse.


To strengthen brittle nails, soak nails in mixture of equal parts of 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL   and lemon juice for 0 mins. before rinsing.

Massage 60 Herbs Elixir Oil to nails and cuticles to repair damage and revitalize weak nails.

Use few drops of 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  and massage on the hands to relive dryness anytime you need intensive moisturization.


After shower, apply 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  all over your body to help lock in moisture and prevent dryness.

To treat and relieve skin ailments such as skin asthma, psoriasis and eczema or lighten scars, keloids and stretch marks, apply 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  directly on problem areas.

Pregnant woman can massage 60 HERBS AMAZING OIL  on the belly, hips, thighs and breasts to help prevent stretch marks.

Relieves sunburn by massaging it on affected areas.

Massage on the arms, legs and feet to relieve arthritis pain.

Protect your baby's sensitive skin from chaffing and diaper rash by applying directly on your baby's bottom before putting on the diaper. It also helps heal diaper rash.